It's Darling's World - We just live in it!

It's Darling's World - We just live in it!

Darling is the heartbeat of the West Coast region. The little village lies tucked away between hills of vineyards and golden wheat fields. Here you can still expect to see a horseman cantering through the streets on a Saturday afternoon.

A gaggle of geese might waddle into a neighbour's garden to forage. You may witness a funeral procession accompanied by the consolatory gospel sounds of a traditional brass band. Lovingly restored Victorian homes and ancient trees make an idyllic setting for a getaway that promises serenity, nature, culture and much more!

Only an hour out of Cape Town, but a million miles away! Known for its spectacular wildflowers and the annual Darling Wildflower Show in spring, this town has so much more to offer visitors. Find out more about the history of the town by visiting the Darling Museum - a charming reflection of 19th century country lifestyle or experience traditional San culture at !Khwa ttu.

Evita se Perron is a stress-free zone where humour and enjoyment are the primary aims - a lively place to meet, eat, drink & talk. The wineries on the Darling Wine and Art

Experience are fast gaining a reputation for being THE place for outstanding modern Cape wines.Experience warm hospitality in intimate guesthouses or farm cottages and awaken refreshed and rejuvenated. Discover for yourself why it’s called Darling!

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