Agricultural Routes of the Swartland

The Swartland is traditionally very well known for its wheat farming but canola is also being planted amongst the wheat of which the wonderfull bright yellow canola fields can be seen in blooming season. Sheep and cattle farming together with wheat is also one of the big farming practices in the area.
Several years however wine grape vineyards and olive groves have been planted amongst the wheatfields and has become a vibrant and rapidly growing agricultural industry for the Swartland region which yearly producess top quality wines and olive produce. Fruit farming is also very strong and doing well in the Swartland.


Malmesbury's Middle Swartland Agri-Route is unique in the sense of its highly diversified agriculture activities. Another interesting Agri-tourism destination is Lowensvlei, where visitors can learn about various aspects of commercial fresh flower farming.

  Middle Swartland Agri-Route: +27 (0)82 559 6066
  Lowensvlei Agri-Tourism: +27 (0)22 485 7058

 Middle Swartland Agri-Route Lowensvlei Agri-Tourism




Darling Olives is a great place to start your education about how olives are grown, pressed and cured or experience a traditional approach to olives on a working farm and at Het Bos Olives. Experience a traditional approach to olives!

  Darling Olives: +27 (0)22 492 3171
  Het Bos Olives: +27 (0)22 492 2557

 Darling Olives Het Bos Olives



Riebeek Valley

The Mediterranean climate experienced in the Riebeek Valley, with a typical winter rainfall, is also ideal for olive growth. Includes Het Vlock Casteel, Kloovenburg and Goedgedacht.

  Het Vlock Casteel: +27 (0)82 567 9132
  Kloovenburg: +27 (0)22 448 1635
  Goedgedacht: +27 (0)22 482 4369

 Het Vlock Casteel Kloovenburg Goedgedacht




The town with the friendly people and well known wheatfields. The Agricultural routes include The Wheat industry museum; One of only three of its kind in the world and the MKB, Moorreesburgse Koringboere (Edms) Beperk.

  Wheat Industry Museum: +27 (0)22 433 1093
  MKB Overberg Agri: +27 (0)22 433 8300

 Wheat Industry Museum MKB Overberg Agri